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History of the Krtecek


Krtek is a famous figure, created by the designer Zdeněk Miller. Zdeněk Miler allegedly created the figure of Krtek in 1954 after he stumbled upon the crotch. In addition, Krtek, as one of the few animals, wasn’t used in Walt Disney movies, so the character  was original at that time. The character of the mole almost speaks, he says only a few words and predominantly a cytologists in Czech (look, wow, oh yeah ...), who for the first parts had dubbed Miler's daughters. An exception is the first film "How to Knit the Pants", which is spoken.  Krteček is a very old series, his first part (How Krteček came to his pants) originated in 1957 and since then added another 40 pieces. This animated figure was popular not only in the Czech Republic but also in countries around the world - Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Scandinavia, France, Japan and even China. In 2014 Zdeněk Miler's granddaughter concluded a contract with the Chinese TV CCTV about shooting new stories by Krteček, which bears the name Krteček and Panda. New parts have already been created by computer-based 3D technology, and the character of the mole in them also speaks against previous habits. The series began broadcasting in China. Krteček became the second Czech cosmonaut after Vladimir Remko and was the first and only animated figure sent to space as a mascot of astronaut Andrew Feustel during the final flight of the shuttle Endeavor. Feustel himself has ties to the Czech Republic, his wife is partly of Czech origin. For the last year, Endeavor went on the night from 19 to 20 April 2011. Such popularity has no similarity among Czech animated characters. Krteček is a symbol of childhood for older and present generations, there is no doubt. We exclusively offer you the Krteček motif, for example, mugs, t-shirts or plush toys- perfect for the youngest but also for the older lovers of this adorable character.