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Matryoshka, a matryoshka doll, sometimes called a baboon, is the name of a traditional Russian hollow wooden turned and painted oval shaped doll that can be decomposed and hides several other smaller and smaller wooden dolls that can be also decompose, with the exception of the smallest one, which is completely in the center of this doll system. The name Matryoshka is a diminution of the then-widespread Russian female name Matrion, whose base is the Latin word mother-mother; mother-in-law is a symbol of maternity and therefore fertility.

The first mother-in-law was made in Russia in the 1990s and her figure became a bald Buddhist monk's figure brought to Russia by the end of the 19th century from the Japanese island of Honshu. The fukurama figurine was decomposable just like the later Russian matrixes, hiding more and more smaller figures of a bald monk when he was younger. It was exhibited in St. Petersburg in December 1896 at a Japanese art exhibition, and today it is deposited at the Children's Art Museum in Sergiev Posad near Moscow.

The idea was then taken by the family of Mamontov, who began producing matrjošky. Thanks to the silver medal at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900, Matryoshka also won first contracts from different countries. The Soviet Union also produced matrices with the image of Lenin and other leading politicians. They are produced even after the fall of totalitarianism, and nowadays even matrices of athletes, Russian or American presidents can be seen, and they find sales as a tourist the desired article.

* The price is for one matryoshka consisting of five matryosh dolls.

* Made of wood.

* Handmade, made in Russia.


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Colors Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Yellow

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